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Compact & Convenient

Every type of commercial transportation has floors and lavatories but not much space to store cleaning supplies. The moppitt® compact design allows easy storage in an overhead bin or a small closet for easy access when needed.

The all-in-one, touchless, compact system includes disposable cleaning PODS pre-moistened with industry approved interior cleaners that can be used alone or with our compact mops. Designed for cleaning dust, dirt, spills on galley and lavatory toilets, floors and sinks, seat back table trays and a variety of other surfaces, your passengers will travel in comfort knowing everything feels new, fresh, and clean.


A clean work environment is a happy and productive one. By having the moppitt® onboard, you’re not only providing great service, great tools, and you’re also removing potentially dangerous or allergy-inducing elements.


We want to be part of the routine that makes your world better, healthier, and cleaner. The more you use moppitt®, the more you save and the better the travel experience will be for your valued customers.



Use with cleaning PODS to clean all hard surfaces without touching the mess. POD snaps right into the Hand-Held frame without ever touching the cleaning pad. Press the grey button to eject the used pad.


Lightweight and compact design (only weighs 1 pound!) Adjustable to multiple lengths with collapsible design perfect for limited storage. PODS snap easily onto the end of the pole, touch-free. Easily eject a used pad by collapsing the handle.


Ready-to-use cleaning pads pre-moistened with non-toxic, biodegradable, interior cleaners. Packaged in an innovative thin recyclable cup, PODS are disposable, and recyclable. PODS are more sustainable and easier on landfills than paper products, and it’s definitely more hygienic than reused cloths.


Keeps all the moppitt® tools and PODS in one convenient and compact storage bag that can be hung in a small closet for easy access when needed. The large pouch can be refilled with PODS as needed.