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The cleanest it’s ever been!

All hotels have bedrooms with floors, bathtubs and showers to clean, but the strain on being on one’s hands and knees or reaching above the housekeeper’s head, is exhausting. However, Dakota Supplies has a solution, the moppitt®.

A compact, all-in-one cleaning system. The moppitt® compact, lightweight and efficient design provides housekeepers an extendable handle that can be used with the cleaning pads infused with the hotels cleaning liquids of choice (e.g. floor or window cleaner), or used as a dry pad for dusting. The ergonomic design allows the cleaning pad to pivot and is able to get into tight corners, around curved surfaces and high-touch areas.

The cleaning pads can also be used with the hand-held mini for cleaning desks, table-tops or other hard surfaces. Used pads are can be ejected without touching the pad into the wash bag to be laundered, and re-used.


  • Ready To Use

  • Compact

  • Recyclable