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The Cleanest It’s Ever Been!

moppitt® provides an all-in-one cleaning solution for government facilities that do not want to mix or handle chemicals on-site. Quick, easy and convenient, use moppitt® is perfect for lavatories, glass, urinals, wood, desks or floors and other hard surfaces.

1. Convenience and Ease of Use – The ready-to-use kit reduces the time of having to organize cleaning materials.

2.The Right Cleaner Every Time – Cleaning PODS are color coded so cleaners can be sure to use the right chemical to clean each type of surface.

3. Save Labour Costs – There is no sorting or mixing of chemicals on site. PODS come pre-diluted at the concentration needed.

4. Safety – Cleaners never have to handle chemicals.

5. Wet or Dry.


  • Ready To Use

  • Compact

  • Recyclable