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The Cleanest it’s Ever Been!

Move from cleaning kits to the moppitt® compact all-in-one inflight cleaning system. The moppitt® is a compact design, lightweight, easy, safe, fast and efficient to use. Saves time and storage space for cleaning supplies.

Avoid juggling gloves, spray bottles, cloths, paper towel and old-style mops to be more efficient and hygienic and no bending down and touching messes, whether it’s in the lavatory, on the floor, or on a table-tray. Once used, the soiled cleaning pad can be ejected without ever touching the mess. No gloves required!

The touch-less system comes in a handy storage bag with a hand held and extendable mop and ready-to-use cleaning PODS pre-moistened with Celeste® Interior Cleaners (non-toxic, biodegradable)that are disposable and recyclable. Designed for cleaning dust, dirt, spills on galley and lavatory toilets, floors and sinks, seat back table trays, head rests, and a variety of other hard surfaces, your passengers will travel in comfort knowing everything feels new, fresh, and clean.


  • Ready To Use

  • Compact

  • Recyclable